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File: luka668-060-Large.jpeg (202 KB)
Gabbriette in SPUNK hat Mr man 12/07/2023(Thu)01:12:00 No.4913 [View]
gabbriette in LA wearing the black SPUNK hat
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Anonymous 12/07/2023(Thu)01:12:11 No.4938
File: luka668-053-Large.jpeg (284 KB)
spunk will be available early next year?
something like that
Anonymous 12/07/2023(Thu)01:12:11 No.4939
File: luka668-059-Large.jpeg (202 KB)
admin and 634 working on em :P

File: sean639-022-Large.jpeg (227 KB)
GREEN CRUST HAT Mr man 11/25/2023(Sat)02:11:00 No.4416 [View]
duke nicholson in the green marking crust hat
handmade in new york by james pierce.
releasing monday.
Anonymous 11/25/2023(Sat)02:11:55 No.4444
File: sean639-020-Large.jpeg (192 KB)
each hat is different than the last
Anonymous 11/25/2023(Sat)02:11:55 No.4445
File: sean639-019-Large.jpeg (213 KB)
no hats will be the same.
ps: the wax makes them a bit sticky at first, but it will wear off with time :)

File: S337737-R6-E191-Large.jpeg (291 KB)
First Sample Shoot Mr man 11/21/2023(Tue)07:11:00 No.2042 [View]
sephira in crust tank top, new york, new york 2023.

the first round of clothes james and I made.
it was our first time seeing the clothing on actual people.
Special thank you to Vito schnabel
shout out ousmane and sephira too :) <3
feb 2023
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Anonymous 11/21/2023(Tue)07:11:09 No.2199
File: S337737-R6-E197-Large.jpeg (307 KB)
sephira in lighter cap trench, rubber jeans and engineer boot
Anonymous 11/21/2023(Tue)07:11:09 No.2200
File: S337737-R2-039-18-Large.jpeg (283 KB)
ousmane in notre dame work shirt

File: Group-Wheat-Recovered-Large.jpeg (312 KB)
Collection 1 preview Mr man 11/21/2023(Tue)12:11:00 No.642 [View]
images used for the wheatposting
Anonymous 11/21/2023(Tue)12:11:26 No.650
File: Iris-Wheat-Recovered-Large.jpeg (273 KB)
Anonymous 11/21/2023(Tue)12:11:26 No.651
File: Jabril-Wheat-Recovered-Large_2023-11-21-204026_zfmj.jpeg (302 KB)