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File: SEAN674-202-copy-Large.jpeg (277 KB)
VINTAGE PATCHWORK JACKETS Mr man 11/21/2023(Tue)06:11:00 No.890 [View]
all upcycled, one of one, all using patches collected over the years, on vintage military jackets.
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Anonymous 11/21/2023(Tue)06:11:05 No.1222
File: SEAN675-160-Large.jpeg (255 KB)
shout out amata by the way <3
Anonymous 11/21/2023(Tue)06:11:05 No.1223
File: SEAN674-157-Large.jpeg (292 KB)
jackets are unisex and slightly oversized btw

these are dropping soon btw

File: SEAN674-005.jpeg (1180 KB)
VINTAGE PATCHWORK ZIPUPS Anonymous 11/21/2023(Tue)07:11:00 No.1301 [View]
vintage thermal lined hoodies with patches collected over the years.
most of them are womens sizes, or for tiny people </3
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Anonymous 11/21/2023(Tue)07:11:15 No.1758
File: SEAN674-003.jpeg (1132 KB)
Anonymous 11/21/2023(Tue)07:11:15 No.1759
File: SEAN674-170-Large.jpeg (286 KB)

File: SEAN675-043-copy-Large.jpeg (340 KB)
VINTAGE PATCHWORK HOODIES Mr man 11/21/2023(Tue)07:11:00 No.1795 [View]
Random vintage hoodies with collected patches over the years.
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Anonymous 11/21/2023(Tue)07:11:35 No.2000
File: SEAN674-492-Large.jpeg (285 KB)
extremely thick hoodie, the patch is a v rare vivienne westwood rag.

>very oversized btw
Anonymous 11/21/2023(Tue)07:11:35 No.2001
File: SEAN674-255-Large.jpeg (335 KB)
oversized hoodies, unisex forsure

File: SEAN252-030-Large.jpeg (264 KB)
Lisa wearing custom patchwork merch <3 Mr man 11/22/2023(Wed)12:11:00 No.3601 [View]
lalalisa at the marking distance HQ in LA wearing custom patchwork military jacket and hoodie :P xD
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Anonymous 11/22/2023(Wed)12:11:03 No.3623
File: SEAN252-033-Large.jpeg (284 KB)
Anonymous 11/22/2023(Wed)12:11:03 No.3624
File: SEAN252-025-Large.jpeg (280 KB)