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File: sean639-029_2023-12-27-134650_kwzo.jpeg (670 KB)
PHYSICAL CONTACT Mr man 12/27/2023(Wed)07:12:00 No.6026 [View]
2023 was a pretty brutal year, but on the bright side the world has opened back up.
people are back together.
hanging out with each other, having fun, and touching each other :)
i just wanted to highlight physical contact and touch.
after 2020-2022 where proximity was taboo
it feels nice to feel again
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Anonymous 12/27/2023(Wed)06:12:59 No.13488
File: LUKA014-052.jpeg (759 KB)
amata, courtney and ruby in paris, 2023 <3
(the three musketeers)
Anonymous 12/27/2023(Wed)06:12:59 No.13489
File: LUKA252-085_2023-12-27-135321_gwki.jpeg (797 KB)
ibiza, 2023

File: sean244-041.jpeg (1184 KB)
Portraits in B&W Mr man 09/15/2023(Fri)10:09:00 No.52 [View]
jack donoghue and logan somewhere in silverlake i think
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Anonymous 10/09/2023(Mon)09:10:24 No.307
File: SEAN136-037.jpeg (795 KB)
my best buddy duke smoking a dart in the back wally's
Anonymous 10/09/2023(Mon)09:10:24 No.308
File: luka053-001-copy.jpeg (1728 KB)
michelle at home in paris :)

File: sean077-020-Large.jpeg (306 KB)
Portraits in color Mr man 11/21/2023(Tue)02:11:00 No.700 [View]
abel after his show in miami, 2022
peaceful mode
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Anonymous 11/21/2023(Tue)02:11:20 No.806
File: sean220-018-copy-Large.jpeg (184 KB)
bestie in LA, 2022
(austin butts)
Anonymous 11/21/2023(Tue)02:11:20 No.807
File: SEAN042-080-Large.jpeg (185 KB)
>camille at circo loco in ibizaaaaaaaa 2022

File: R1-08675-0022.JPG (742 KB)
landscapes n shit Mr man 10/09/2023(Mon)09:10:00 No.313 [View]
mykonos 2021 :)
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Anonymous 10/09/2023(Mon)09:10:29 No.318
File: R1-08677-0015.JPG (689 KB)
>old man eating alone at hotel ducap :( 2021
Anonymous 11/21/2023(Tue)01:11:38 No.691
File: LUKA248-069-copy-Large.jpeg (396 KB)
ibiza, 2023
(technically this was taken in Formentera but ya know...)