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Spunk hat 4 gooners? Mr man 03/19/2024(Tue)07:03:00 No.14969 [View]
Hello fellow gooners.
This Marking hat gives me the urge to end my edging streak,
I’ve been gooning since the new year
What do?
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Anonymous 03/19/2024(Tue)11:03:22 No.15215
File: IMG_8417.jpeg (619 KB)
>gooning since new year

it isnt a trend, its a lifestyle.
Anonymous 03/19/2024(Tue)11:03:22 No.15216
File: IMG_8407.jpeg (246 KB)
where does the spunk on the actual come from though?

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Sticky hats? why Anonymous 12/26/2023(Tue)07:12:00 No.5874 [View]
tfw when you paid 200+ for a marking hat and its sticky
Anonymous 12/26/2023(Tue)07:12:38 No.5906
File: nail-caps.jpeg (92 KB)
the hats are handmade by some degen incel in a closet
apparently the hats are sticky coz of "wax"
i wasnt born yesterday
Anonymous 12/26/2023(Tue)08:12:07 No.5986
File: the-homies.jpeg (85 KB)
shut up,
this could be you and your homie if yall copped matching marking.
the hats get soft with time you mouth breather
maybe if you actually bought you would know.

get your money up
not your funny up.

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Shitposts incoming Mr man 12/19/2023(Tue)05:12:00 No.5096 [View]
Welcome to the fried section of marking, where we will be shitposting,
We are working on a community based forum on here as well for you guys to be able to upload god knows what <3
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Anonymous 12/19/2023(Tue)05:12:51 No.5128
File: A66AB0B6-991D-481F-BDDF-F9197E9EBA53.jpeg (121 KB)
Shoutout daniel gavrenko:)<3
Anonymous 12/26/2023(Tue)07:12:21 No.5843
File: sonic-marking-meme.jpeg (62 KB)
marking is distance 1 is trash and dumb to smoke.