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Shitposts incoming Mr man 12/19/2023(Tue)05:12:00 No.5096
Welcome to the fried section of marking, where we will be shitposting,
We are working on a community based forum on here as well for you guys to be able to upload god knows what <3
Anonymous 12/19/2023(Tue)05:12:51 No.5128
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Shoutout daniel gavrenko:)<3
Anonymous 12/26/2023(Tue)07:12:21 No.5843
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marking is distance 1 is trash and dumb to smoke.
Anonymous 12/19/2023(Tue)05:12:51 No.5129
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.___. @aust1nology
Anonymous 12/26/2023(Tue)06:12:55 No.5821
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If you really love tat my name on your lower back though >:/
Anonymous 12/26/2023(Tue)07:12:12 No.5920
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average marking distance customer
Anonymous 12/26/2023(Tue)07:12:16 No.5936
File: actually.jpeg (201 KB)
no, this is the REAL marking distance customer