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File: tfw-marking-hat.jpeg (17 KB)
Sticky hats? why Anonymous 12/26/2023(Tue)07:12:00 No.5874
tfw when you paid 200+ for a marking hat and its sticky
Anonymous 12/26/2023(Tue)07:12:38 No.5906
File: nail-caps.jpeg (92 KB)
the hats are handmade by some degen incel in a closet
apparently the hats are sticky coz of "wax"
i wasnt born yesterday
Anonymous 12/26/2023(Tue)08:12:07 No.5986
File: the-homies.jpeg (85 KB)
shut up,
this could be you and your homie if yall copped matching marking.
the hats get soft with time you mouth breather
maybe if you actually bought you would know.

get your money up
not your funny up.