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MA(r)KING THRONES Mr man 03/26/2024(Tue)03:03:00 No.16992
The wooden throne is a chair i have been developing since the pandemic.
stemmed from boredom into a physical...
now physical objects
Anonymous 03/26/2024(Tue)03:03:09 No.16994
File: IMG_0871-Medium.jpeg (73 KB)
in 2020, when there was nothing but time
and was spending most of it sitting down.
i was thinking of new "fun" ways to sit

>first drawing of the idea 2020
Anonymous 03/26/2024(Tue)04:03:32 No.19842
File: IMG_0873-Medium.jpeg (94 KB)
i was hanging in boulder city nevada with my buddy skyler
(who owns an autobody shop) he offered to help me (who's never built anything)
Anonymous 03/26/2024(Tue)04:03:32 No.19843
File: IMG_0888-Medium.jpeg (67 KB)
i thought bulding a chair with stairs might be ironic
or funny
(which i guess it wasnt in the end)
was a good idea

we started mapping the thing out
considering that i am a noob in furniture making + i love brutalism
the design seemed perfect for both my skill level and taste level.
Anonymous 03/26/2024(Tue)04:03:32 No.19844
File: IMG_2089-Medium.jpeg (81 KB)
considering that my buddy owns an autobody shop
he mainly had metal cutting tools
such as this CNC laser cutter
and a bunch of scrap diamond cut metal that had been rusting in the back of his shop

we got straight to work.
Anonymous 03/26/2024(Tue)04:03:32 No.19845
File: IMG_2114-Medium.jpeg (64 KB)
at this point i didnt realize how heavy this fucking this was going to be.
only three pieces deep and i moving this thing was already a nightmare.
but, as things started to materialize infront of my eyes.
i was getting excited!
Anonymous 03/26/2024(Tue)04:03:32 No.19846
File: IMG_4142-Medium.jpeg (89 KB)
after getting a few more pieces done
we got a custom piece of foam cut for the chair.
Anonymous 03/26/2024(Tue)04:03:32 No.19847
File: IMG_4176-Medium.jpeg (82 KB)
at this point,
most of the chair was built
but moving this thing was a real pain in the ass, and working with metal isnt necessarily the easiest thing in the world.
the welding process was taking forever
the shit was heavy
boohoo, whatever
Anonymous 03/26/2024(Tue)04:03:32 No.19848
File: IMG_4205-Medium.jpeg (78 KB)
then voila
my first piece of furniture made from scratch, almost
(not counting the mustang chair because we repurposed old car seats for that, but we'll get into that later.)
Anonymous 03/26/2024(Tue)04:03:32 No.19849
File: IMG_4225-Medium.jpeg (55 KB)
i was fucking hyped
this thing was sick
and without thinking about it
the chair fair more medieval than anything.
it truly felt like you were sitting on a throne.
walking up steps to sit, and then being at a higher level than the people standing,
both figuratively and literally elevate you.
which wasnt the original intent of the design.
Anonymous 03/26/2024(Tue)04:03:32 No.19850
File: IMG_8971-Medium.jpeg (73 KB)
the chair sat there for 2 years.
but fast forward some time
after spending some time away from it
spending some time in japan and finding out about the japanese wood burning technique called "Shou sugi ban"
i wanted to revisit the throne.
and this time find an easier way to assemble it using wood.
Anonymous 03/26/2024(Tue)04:03:32 No.19851
File: L1000500.JPG (778 KB)
after fucking around with a torch and testing out different levels of burns at the marking distance HQ
Anonymous 03/26/2024(Tue)04:03:32 No.19852
File: L1000520.JPG (380 KB)
i thought that a set of gradients would look great
from plain wood - to burn to a crisp
Anonymous 03/26/2024(Tue)04:03:32 No.19853
File: Photo22_22.jpg (4877 KB)
as about a few months ago
they became a real fucking thing
and the great part about it is
the chairs when all put together in the right configuration
form kind of a reverse conversation pit
what would usually be INTO the ground and relaxed
is now lifted up and feels idk...
grand ?
i cant find the right words describe it yet.
but having everyone seated up and be at eye level is a sick experience.
Anonymous 03/26/2024(Tue)04:03:32 No.19854
File: Photo24_24.jpg (4460 KB)
i was stressing myself for not doing more but in the end
the speed at what you do something
doesnt always matter

taking breaks from shit and revisiting them is alright too
Anonymous 03/26/2024(Tue)04:03:32 No.19855
File: Photo26_26.jpg (4025 KB)

what i have to do next is find a way to show these IRL not URL
i want people to experience them and sit in them in real life.

ill let you know when i figure that out
because i have a few more things to show you guys ;)

if you've made it this far,
thanks 4 reading