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black mustang chair Mr man 09/15/2023(Fri)10:09:00 No.70
Made in boulder city nevada,
using upcycled mustang chairs.
wood blackened using japanese shou sugi ban techniques.
still a noob at it though.
Anonymous 10/05/2023(Thu)03:10:53 No.204
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Anonymous 10/05/2023(Thu)03:10:23 No.223
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Anonymous 10/05/2023(Thu)03:10:23 No.224
File: IMG_6421.jpeg (4345 KB)
this is the original version, made during covid.
these are built astronomically less well built than the V2 but you gotta start somewhere ya know.
Anonymous 10/05/2023(Thu)03:10:23 No.225
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